Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A time for Reflection...then a look to the future

I can still remember the day I got my first makeup as if it were yesterday.
I was in 6th grade at the time and had a friend who had so much makeup. Her mom wore it after all, so she made sure her only daughter had her fair share. While my mom never wore it, so there was nothing for me to get into at home.
She told her mom how fascinated I was so her mom went into her room and found some that she was willing to give up and gave it to me. If she had given me a million dollars it wouldn't have been any more important than that makeup was. Her only stipulation was that I couldn't wear it to school...which I took to heart. I don't think I ever wore makeup to school until I was in high school...and by then I was babysitting enough to buy my own.
I read every book I could find on application and tried most of the techniques until I found the one that worked for me. I would watch shows on makeup, look at other ladies and how they applied their makeup...
I was definitely one minded at that time.

At one time I had actually thought to go to school for hair and makeup, but I wanted to be a history teacher so much more...but somehow through it all, I became a nurse...go figure. There are days even now I'm not sure how that happened...

But in the military I was a medic and then was a nurse aide, so I guess the next progression was to nursing. For wasn't an ideal occupation. With my flighty personality and the empathy I would feel, I found that I hurt just from watching others suffer. And I was still fascinated with history and makeup. But I needed to support my family and that was the one occupation that was pretty guaranteed for a job (although believe it or not there was a time that even finding a job as a nurse was hard...but those days are long over).

So I continued to work, and dabble in makeup. Then I was watching QVC one night and saw an advertisement for Bare Minerals and wanted so much to try them. I loved the idea of more natural and the powder foundation.

When I finally got my kit, I was so excited...only I didn't like the feel of it and I could never get the color right. So I started looking around and finally settled on a company named Monave. I liked the choices in foundation and eventually became friends with the owner and the moderator for her forum.

But as with anything, once you have the makeup and found that fact that you loved something so much and just had this artistic part of you sitting there, you start playing with the minerals yourself.

And with that I discovered something amazing. I loved doing it!!! It was relaxing and fun...and as time went by...the idea of starting DreamWorld came into focus.

I had been an RN for quite a while at that time but knew that with my health issues were going to get the best of me sooner or later.

In 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At that time I already had asthma, but it was pretty well under control. I actually have had MS since 1996, but didn't know it...since mine decided to start in my spine instead of my head. I can tell you with that diagnosis, I gave up...I felt that at 39 years old my life was over. And it took me a few years to finally figure out that it wasn't. That it was just beginning.

So meeting Deb (owner of Monave) in 2006 was the best thing that could have happened to me. On our anniversary that year, my husband and I went to Baltimore and had so much fun. I became Deb's moderator which opened up a whole new world...and the learning process was phenomenal. And I was finally realizing that I was living again, not just going from day to day...surviving. Plus with the loss of my father in 2001 I just didn't bounce back as I usually did from life changes...and discovered that I had chronic gastritis (a stomach ailment that can be quite painful and debilitating, although I'm lucky, I never had any bleeding and was determined to get better..which I did although it can always raise it's weary head and does from time to time) and clinical depression. I had always had seasonal depression, but this was so much different and definitely so much worse...and although I am on medicine for this..there are still days that are worse then others.

So the makeup was a Godsend to me. It gave me purpose again. And being married to a man who was so supportive didn't hurt either. From the time we med, my husband and I have been inseparable. I consider him, along with our children and our new granddaughter some of the greatest gifts in my life.

So, as with keeps going on, revolving, and changing and before long I found myself creating my own colors...originally planning on giving them to Deb...for Monave.

But she was busy with her own creations as it should I got this idea. Why couldn't I start my own company. I thought the colors I had made were beautiful and they stayed all day. So I started researching and learning. I had a mission again. And it was something I loved so very much. I was tired of seeing all the pain that people could go through in life, I wanted to see the beauty and the fun again.

Believe me when I say, there are things in the world worse then death...I have seen them. As a nurse I saw them daily and there are still thoughts that will run through my mind and bring tears to my eyes.

So I started planning...researching...and creating. Then to come up with a name...that took a bit. I have loved history and mythology since I was a young girl, so why not put them into play with my makeup...and knowing I was going to create worlds so different from ours...that DreamWorld Minerals was created. I knew that eventually I would no longer be able to work.I never planned on being on disability...I could work. I may not be able to be a nurse but I could be productive...but I would need a couple years to get DW going. But as with most things, plans were taken out of my hands.

My MS was progressing and come to find out I have had Fibromyalgia since 1994, plus I found out just 2 years ago when I fell at my job in a freak accident that I have severe osteoarthritis. The long and short of this is I can no longer work as a nurse...but since I had never worked in retail, DW has been a real challenge for me...which I am still learning. And thanks to one of best friends, Jen Flanagan, I have had someone who could help me by answering questions. She owns a natural skin care company... and I can tell you her cleansers and creams are the bomb. Shipping is slow for her products, but they are well worth the wait.

I pretty well mastered shadows quickly...and even now they are my favorite thing to make. I love the bright colors and every shadow is an adventure...Foundations are another story. I can't tell you how many trials I had to throw away...and even with Jen giving helping hints I just couldn't get around it...until I took the time to think it through for I have them down to a science so they always come out the same.

Okay enough of the to the future.

I finally have help!!! For the longest time I did it myself or had the kids help me, but for them they just weren't as into it as me and just didn't want to go to the standards I wanted. So I did it alone. But now one my best friends is here from Tennessee to live and is helping me. I have 3 friends who are more sisters then friends...each I would trust with my life. Carol, my helper, Jen Flanagan and by best friend Luey. I am one of the luckiest women in the world to have the friends and family that I have.

Carol and I have been working on restocking and are still busy doing this...when we are finished I am hoping shipping will be lightning quick. She is a wiz with organization that I am not. So we are implementing them as I write this.

And there will be so many new products coming out...some sooner then others as I finish them and get them tested and ready. I know that one of the newest that I have finished is the night time minerals...which is being put in packages for everyone to try out. Then there is an eye lash moisturizing oil that will be out soon. Along with a night time clay product.

Eventually I will launch my natural skin care line...but that is going to take some time.

I am not also coming more It's fun to think of the future again instead of remaining status quo. Carol has been good for me in this.

So when you come to DreamWorld please enjoy looking around and please never hesitate to ask questions...they are a staple of life...


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