Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I have done this and thought I need to keep up with it. I am planning on telling what's happening, giving some skin tid bits and finally showing some of the new products coming up.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. Mine was quiet..but that's okay. The past year was a horrible one for me and DW. It seemed that if anything could go wrong it definitely did. I still have orders to finish from Halloween and while most may not think so, I am working on them since I want to get them shipped a much as the customer want's to get them. I had hoped to have all packages shipped by this time, but one thing after another happened and for that reason, I will no be reopening until I have the shoppe totally reorganized so that shipping is fast. That had always been my plan, but there are times (when the cart was open) it just didn't become an option for I kept straggling on. But now that I have a plan of action to do then it will be done...just not as fast as I would like.

As many of you may or may not know, I am again a student. I can tell you I'm not thrilled with my age I thought schooling was done. But I do love what I am learning. My marks are wonderful...I have a 99% average at the present time....and I have learned so much about skin and it's care right along with makeup. I will be having some pictures sent to my email of some fantasy makeup we were doing in class using DW minerals. It will be fun to share what we learned and how far we came in just 4 weeks.

Now, with winter upon us...and yes, I'm one of those that HATES the extreme cold along with the blasted snow and ice...we have to look at caring for our different ways then we do in the summer. While the sun is a wonderful giver of vitamin D, it is also harsh on the skin and is one the major factors in photo aging our skin. So with that in mind, try to remember your sunscreen. The best type of sunscreen is a broad spectrum form, where it covers the affects of UVA and UVB rays. I have heard many thoughts on this...some believe you NEED the sunscreen no matter, while others believe that antioxidants play a big part also. Both are right. So if you can find something that helps the skin, while adding antioxidants to fight the free radicals then you have a keeper.

Another important part of your winter skin care should be a nice moisturizer. So after you cleanse, and tone (yes, toning is important. It replaces the acid mantle you lost when you washed your face) and while your face is still damp place your moisturizer on. This moisturizer will block in the moisture from the toner and help you skin soak it up leaving your skin even more moisturized. You will also find out that the moisturizer spreads smoother and you will use less. So while you are helping your skin, you are saving money too.

As I get orders finished I will be working on some of the new worlds that I am creating. I will keep the worlds I have now, but will be adding to them. Plus the 2 new ones. As many of you may know I LOVE to read. And as I have progressed through the years I find that my reading tastes change. I remember as a young girl curling up with a book and reading in the forum of biographies and books on history. I think I read just about every book in the library at my grade school. As a teenager, I was still reading biographies and then got into historical romances along with murder mysteries. I could never turn down a good mystery. And I was hooked on these genres for a long time. But if there was a book on ghosts, ghost towns etc. I would grab them in a heartbeat.
And now...what I read is so different from what I thought I would ever read. I still love romance and still love history...I wanted to be a history teacher, but find that I'm hooked on supernatural romances, and sci-fi books. I love reading about ghosts, vampires (never cared for them until, werewolves, pixies, fairies and the like. I have gotten into a teenage genre of these things...starting with Harry Potter. Since then I hunted down what I could find. I read the Eragon still waiting for the next one, got into Sookie Stackhouse's life, checked out Zoey Redbird in the House of Night collection, along with so many other books. I just discovered the Morganville Vampire collection and read the 1st two books in that set...waiting for the rest now. And the list can go on and on.

After reading so many of these books I hit on the idea to create shadows based off them. So the BookWorm World was born. I have sent some shadows to Phyrra to sample and I have a few other ladies who will be getting these also before they come out. Here is a preview..with more to come....

So as I get new..I will be sharing these with you.

The other new world will be introduced on Valentine's Day...I will let everyone know what will be happening with this world. And although there will not be any pictures right away..they will be coming...

And as always, please don't hesitate to email me at dreamworldminerals if you have any questions. I am hoping that I will be able to get this blog up and going and start sharing many new products and show what will be coming to DreamWorld in the future.



  1. Hi Ellie! Nice to see you started a blog! I appreciated your response over on the forum! I love your Worlds!

  2. Thanks so much...

    I will be blogging more and more I think...I'm finding that I really enjoy it..