Thursday, April 1, 2010

DreemWyrlde Minerales et Scinn Caire

As all of you by now are starting to wonder what is happening with DW. And why this strange spelling and name????

When I shut down, I made a promise to myself that I would not reopen until I could ship quickly and effectively...I also promised myself that when I reopened I would have all my new products done, have the shoppe straightened out so that I could ship fast, grab what I needed quickly and have all sorts of new products made up.

While being closed I was searching the computer, per google, by buddy...LOL and found a story called Dream World Cosmetics. At first I thought it was a large company and thought geesh, when did this happen and how could I have been out of the loop so fast. But, alas, come to find out it was story, short story at that, that was copyrighted in 1995. The sad part is since it is copyrighted, I cannot now use that name for my minerals. Plus, my disability came through. Many who know me know that I have multiple medical issues and have been trying to get my disability for over 2 years. Well it finally happened!!!! So then I had to sit down and really do some soul searching. Did I want to continue with DW or did I want to stop? And how do I feel about esthetics, something that I have been going to school for?

In answer to those questions, I found that I love my makeup and put so much time, thought, and love into each and every product, plus it keeps me on my toes. I end up doing tons of research all the time and love doing that. To stop with DW would mean taking away my goals and put me in the invalid block...which I'm not ready for yet. Plus as for of the reason I started this was because I wanted to create my own skin care line. But I also wanted to help my girls get through school, not knowing if they could do it or not without my encouragement, plus the fact that I needed to understand what they were doing to help. But what I found is I LOVE it!!!! I love giving facials and would have no problem volunteering my time to give them to ladies who would in no way be able to afford them. I may end up setting up something like that eventually.

So where does this leave me? Well, I still want to do makeup, but have to change my name, plus I want to do facials, if I could. My daughter is also in school with me along with one of my best friends, and my son's girlfriend. We are all loving it, and want to eventually do something together and a couple of us want to go on for makeup artistry. I also had to come up with a name for my makeup. I wanted to keep the same initials..since I'm so used to calling it DW. I researched and researched, checking out Old English, Irish, Middle English, Old Saxon, all kinds of ideas and finally settled on DreemWyrd. But as that was pointed out to me, and I realized it too ladies would see Wyrd, as word. So I added an l, with 2 ladies, Phyrra, and Camellia-Rose both coming up with those ideas. And of course couldn't add an l without adding a hence we now have DreemWyrlde.

I find that I really like the looks of it...I change minerals to minerales...changed skin to scinn, which is Old English and just added an i to care. And instead of using and, I went with the French et, which means the same thing...and is also used in Old English. So what you see is quite the mixture, but as the names of my makeup can be strange and stand out, why shouldn't the name of the whole be the same way.

And as I am in esthetics we are supposed to be skin care specialists, so you will be seeing so much more on here about skin care for all skin types. You will be seeing what's up and coming for products both skin care and makeup.

I will be sharing new colors coming out, along with new products. I will be introducing lipsticks soon. I'm excited about those. Also look for mascara and a mascara base that will help hold it on longer. I am also looking at creating a eye shadow base...

But my final goal for now is to finish the orders from Halloween. I still have a few left...and will be finishing them up soon. If I am out of something I will be contacting to see if you want a substitution, if not then I will refund money.

Once they are all done, then its time to revamp the shoppe, and start looking at filling up what I have, plus getting new products made and ready to go.

Since this will take a bit, I do NOT plan to reopen until the fall, but when I do there will be a HUGE sale.

So please stay tuned...


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