Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! I hope you got lots of chocolate and beautiful gifts from your sweetheart, whoever it may be...

I had originally planned to be open today with my new products and new worlds, but as everything played was much more work then I thought!!! So...what I decided to do is this...I have already talked about my BookWorm World which will introduce many books that I have read and please if there are others out there that I have missed, please share then with me. I love to read and tend to read romance, mystery, sci-fi, and definitely fantasy. And if I can mix romance and mystery with fantasy it is a winner!!! LOL.

But there is one world that I have close to me and haven't shared what it is or what it will accomplish. And since I didn't reopen when planned, I still feel that today is the day to unveil it in it's entirety.

As we all know, St. Valentine's Day is the one special day of the year for lovers and sweethearts to show their love and devotion to each other. It is a fun and happy day...but for someone close to me it is a day that is marked by tragedy.

Last year on Valentine's Day, a special lady lost her daughter to an accident. The weather being as it is this time of year produced black ice, which caused the car that Katelyn was riding in to crash, which in turn ended Katelyn's young life. She was 19 and an only child to her mom Kathy. She is missed everyday by her mom, her grandparents, her aunt, and cousins. Today it is one year since this loss. And in memory of Katelyn, I had planned to create a collection of makeup and donate the proceeds to this collection to the ASPCA in her memory. But as life got away from me, suffering from illness, going to school, and everything else that happens daily I thought I would do this to mark the one year anniversary of Kate's death. Again life went full force...I am in school and while I am only going part time, I had no idea that it would take up so much of my time. I have no regrets in the education I have received...but at the same time I did make a promise to myself and Kathy....

But my brain being what it is, it even works while I sleep and continues to amaze me at times...LOL. And while trying to rest...I realized that there was a way that would keep Kate's memory alive for a quite a while. Plus to celebrate being young and full of life...which was so important to Kate and her family.

With that thought in mind...I will be creating a world named; Katelyn's Magical Garden.
This is based off a poem her aunt wrote and read at her funeral and says it all....
I am putting a copy of if below for you to read and I'm sure you will agree with me....


You came to us gently for such a short time
Like a butterfly softly floating on a summer breeze
You gave love and joy to every flower in your garden
With your sweet smile and beautiful music,
All around you would flourish and grow.
Then all too swiftly - the reason not known,
You floated away into that most majestic garden of all
The music has stopped, the colors are gone,
The rain is unending
Your earthly garden cries.
Now all we must do is watch for the summer day
When we will see your gossamer wings again
When will that sweet summer come?
Friends are flowers in the garden of life
Your flowers miss you sweet butterfly.

I hope that Kate is in her own magical garden and is watching over her mom who is a special lady...
Katelyn's Magical Garden will be a bright, fun, and happy collection. There will something there for it will be set up differently from all the rest of the collections. Everything will be made to interchange...from shadows, to blushes to lippies. There will be muted colors for the bright and bold colors for the brave and young at heart. There will be sparkles and happiness throughout this collection.
Plus each month a percentage will be donated to a charity...The charity for Katelyn is ASPCA to help animals that she loved so well. I will also donate another month to the cancer society in Kate's name ...for her mom.
My youngest child...and my only daughter is also a Caitlyn. And while growing up she could be a handful as most children are, she is a loving and giving person. So on the other months, I will let her make the choice where to donate and I will post where the money went...Plus I have also been told of another little Katelyn. She is 5 years old and born with CP (cerebral palsy) and so I will make a donation there one month and on the other months continue to make it there or let her family choose the charity.
Each Katelyn (Caitlyn) portrays a kindness and willingness to give...which is what Katelyn's Magical Garden means. Life is so hard and what happiness we have needs to be shared and made special. I am hoping to give a little piece of this by sharing our magical garden with others and giving our time and money to help someone less fortunate.
So in loving memory of Katelyn Nicole Martibello keep watch for Katelyn's Magical Garden and all the beautiful colors what will come to life in it....