Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Beginnning and a Sad Ending

As with anything there has to be a beginning and an ending. And those 2 things have hit me hard in the last few days.

I finally graduated from school...YAHOO!!!! Which means that I have some catching up to do and also means that I will be back to work. I realize that I need to go through what I did from when I was last open and make sure all orders are out or that the customers get their money back. I will be doing all that in the first 2 weeks of July. So if you haven't heard from me in a bit, expect something soon.

I will also be moving into a new building. This will give me the space to put my products once finished, give me a room to do nothing but mix so not everything is dusty. Plus it gives me a full kitchen all to myself to create wonderful skin care products. The plan is that I will have help, but if that doesn't pan out then it will be just me, myself and I and it will take much longer then I wish it to, but that can't be helped.

At this point I plan on reopening in Oct, but that is dependent on how much I can get done alone or with help. I am reformulating some of the foundations, so they will all be on the same level and in doing so will create extra light and dark versions to accommodate everyone I hope. Some foundation colors that were never bought, will totally disappear. Others that were made for specific customers will be in special order only. I will also diminish the number of bases I will be making. I will keep cloud, luna, sand, and vapor. I will be selling off storm, mist, and mulberry at discounted prices. I will also sell off many other foundation colors as I will be remaking them. I am selling off all of my products at this time for lower prices and will have fresh made up when I reopen. I will also be adding to what will be available.

I will put up a pricing chart in the next week, so that ladies can check it out if they are interested. All orders will be via email at this time and I cannot promise from day to day what will be available, but will try to keep everything updated as I run out of something. I will not make it for this sale. What I have is what will be sold.

But I will post more when I am finished figuring everything out.

I can tell you that school was good for me. It helped bring me out of a bad clinical depression and I refuse to ever let that happen again, plus it was an eye opener for the beauty world. I found that women can be some of the meanest heartless people in the world. And for me it's so hard to believe. For some reason makeup and beauty, which is supposed to be so much fun, turns into something that is unknown to the world around them. Women who are the kindest ladies in the world turn into raving maniacs when it comes to makeup, hair and skin care. And that's sad. We are only on the earth for a short time and to spend some of it bashing others or making mean remarks or just being hurtful, it is enough to boggle the mind.

I watched day after day as women would tear down the self esteem of others they did not like. They didn't take into consideration that there were others out there doing the same thing, or that they were truly destroying another person. They just did it, and in the end they had all kinds of reasons for their justification. But meanness and cruelty, no matter how they are done, are still the same.

So for me graduation was a wonderful time. Only to learn that someone I have only known from a distance has also been hurt and in her way destroyed. Her business will now be closed and maybe then I hope she can find some closure. I would like that for her.

I have great respect for ladies who can stand up for others and throw caution to the wind. We, as people, don't always do the perfect thing and we make mistakes, but hopefully we grow from them. We take that learning and turn it into something good. But when something hits you from two sides it may not be that easy and when your livelihood and way of life is threatened, then you do what you find later in retrospect is wrong. But in the end you are only human. And humans are not infallible.

The problem with the makeup world today also is money. The big companies want to make it, they aren't in it for the glory, they want the bucks and will do what is needed to make them, even if it is illegal. There is a lot of that going on, but before you start slapping the small person, I think you need to look the big cheeses...I will not name them, I don't think that is necessary.

I am truly saddened to hear of Aromaleigh closing. Kristen and her makeup has been around for a long time. I cannot truly say I know her, because I do not, but no matter what the issues are I wish she would not shut the doors. I have heard rumors that her personal life isn't perfect, but that is her business and should never be up for comment, just like I would not like mine to be. Ladies have bought from AL for a long time. I was not there so I cannot say that she did anything wrong, but when all is said and done tomorrow is another day. If it would help to think of that fact that life is short, makeup isn't supposed to be life or death, it is supposed to be fun, soothing. And the biggest thing is everyone makes mistakes. And while others want to judge, in the end, it is not our job....nor is it our job to condemn...If something is done wrong, it will be handled in time...and if it's not done wrong, then there is no reason to find fault....

So please stand back, think of how you would feel as a student, or as a owner if you were nothing but condemned. I have heard that things were handled wrong, and I am sorry for that....but in the end we are all human....

Hug someone next to you and tell them you love them, you never know what tomorrow may bring....


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