Friday, July 2, 2010

A Sunny Day.... For Moving!!!!!

Hi all,

So I spent the day moving into the new shop or rather work place, only to find out no electricity and no water. Talk about tomorrow, a phone call to the owner and away I go..I hope.

Thank goodness I had help today...Some of the boxes I couldn't lift. So my daughter's boyfriend came to the rescue. So nice to have a young strong guy around...LOLOL

And now that I look at the space, it doesn't look as big as it used to. I just hope that when we are finished we will have the room I am hoping for.

Now on to prices.

The one thing I will not promise right now is this...when the sale will be. I originally planned the month of July...but want it all done and ready, so that no one has to wait very long. Secondly, I planned after the first 2 weeks of July, but after looking at the workspace and seeing so much that needs done, I and a bit worried about that too.

I can promise by the 1st of August, we should be okay, but if it's sooner, I will let everyone know.

If you wish anything, please email me at This will make it the easiest way for me to get the orders done. when I am out of something, I am out. I will not be making anything up for the sale, so please be aware as I sell out, I will let you know that. I am just liquidating what I have available now. This will include foundations. After much thought, I decided that I would not keep certain foundation formulas...mulberry (silk), storm, and mist. If you wish anything in these forms they will be special made and there will be a place on the site for you to choose this. All my other foundation formulas will stay, including: Luna, Sand, Cloud (which will be reformulated), and Vapor. Some colors such as Arinna and Hecate will be special order. These both were made special for a couple of ladies and not everyone can wear them...but depending on what you wear, please email me so I can help you out.

In the month of July, anyone who had an outstanding order will be notified and asked if they want the order to continue or their money back. That is only fair, and I apologize for any problem this has caused. There are actually only a couple orders, but I want to have all my ducks in a row. Anyone who had anything that is back ordered, will have it shipped this month, in full size no matter what size they ordered. And if they are waiting for full size, they will be contacted and asked what other products they wish to have, as a gift for their patience.

Now, for what I'm selling off.

All foundations: they will come in a 20 gm bag and will sell for $15.00 each. This is double what you normally get in a jar, plus the price is much less. I will have each of these done before the sale starts, so this is what the hold up is. I want to grab and ship so NO ONE has to wait.

All shadows that I have in stock: This includes 5 gm and 10 gm jars. The 5 gm jars will sell for $4.00 each OR
6-10/$3.80 each
11-15/$3.60 each
16-20/$3.40 each
21-24/$3.20 each
25 or greater/$3.00 each.

Blushes and 10 gm Shadows(mattes)
$8.00 each OR
6-10/$7.60 each
11-15/$7.20 each
16-20/$6.80 each
21-24/$6.40 each
25 or greater/$6.00 each

30 gm Cremes: $12 each
10 gm Cremes: $7.00 each
30 gm Mummy Dust: $12.00 each
10 gm Illuminating glows: $8.00 each
30 gm Illuminating glows: $14.00 each
10 gm jar illuminating powders: $9.00 each
30 gm jar illuminating powders: $15.00 each
10 gm gloworm powders: $8.00 each

I will not bill you until the order is finished, then will invoice through pay pal. I cannot promise what I will have in stock when I get to your order, do please understand I will do my best to fill it with what you want.

If there is anything I have forgotten, please don't hesitate to ask. I will post this on my forum, and again I will send out a newsletter, so if you wish one, please email me at and I will put you on a list to let you know when the sale will start.

I would also love to thank everyone for your patience and acceptance of my makeup. I love making it and I can't wait to get back to making new products for everyone.

I have learned so much in school and have no many new ideas. But I love hearing what others are looking for also, so if you have some thoughts, please don't hesitate to let me know you thoughts...

Hugs to all,


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