Saturday, January 19, 2013

Update on DreamWorld

Hi Everyone, 

I thought now would be a great time to give an update on how DreamWorld is coming along and what my plan is.

Believe it or not I do have a plan...LOL

And the plan at this time is to finish up the site, which I'm sure most of you are seeing that I have been working on. Then once the site is finished, I will be starting on products, making new ones, updating ones that are already on the site, and finally I will be moving into a place where DreamWorld will continue to be for the future. I'm really excited about all of it. It has been a long road from me, and I have no doubts it will continue to be for awhile. 

As many of you probably know I have had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for quite a long time now, since 1996 actually. I have been one of the lucky ones with a very slow progressive form. But what I have not been lucky with are some of the other issues that come with the disease with depression being one of the most insidious of them all. The problem with depression is you don't outright see it, which is a lot like MS , but worse. There is a family history of depression in my family which makes it even worse since I'm predisposed to it. And this last 2 years there have been battles fought that would rival the sword fights of medieval times. But after seeing something so far reaching and coming to realization if things were going to change it was going to have to be me with the idea of mind over matter or mind over brain to get it done, I set my mind to doing what I do best...being stubborn and determined to live my life for all it's worth. 

DreamWorld had been a dream that I had wanted for so long and I plan on making it a success this time. Firstly, I have help! Which is such a great thing, and secondly, I have my little granddaughters to push me forward. At only 3 they are amazing...they see the world as all bright and new. And both have fallen in love with makeup! LOL  Especially DreamWorld minerals...LOL 
Tressa is 3 and Autumn also 3, with only 5 days between their ages.

The only thing that Tress wanted Santa to bring her was makeup for her eyes and if asked anything else, she wanted Autumn to also get makeup for her eyes...LOL
Tressa now has a new hello kitty purse, which she carries her makeup in just in case something comes up, and believe me she takes her purse with her at all times, with her wallet, she has to have a place for her money after all. She loves to shop for clothes, shoes, and the other day insisted her aunt take her shopping for fingernail polish, after all she couldn't be all done up without it..LOL

Autumn, now she is big on clothes also, and is quite fussy on what she wears. Everything  and I mean everything down to her shoes have to match perfectly. And Christmas morning she opened a Dora art set and was sure it was makeup because Nana only gives her makeup...needless to say, she is due a new bunch of makeup...shadows and lippies. 

And just think, I still have 2 new prima donnas coming... Elsie who is 13 months, and Kyleigh who is only 6 months! LOL No boys for me yet, but hopefully in the future. 

But because of these special girls it makes me want to push myself further and make DreamWorld a be their future. 

Now, back to the plan! Once the site is done as much as I can do, then as I said I will start on the mixing, mixing, and again mixing, so that everything is done, and on the shelves. Shipping turnaround time will be quite rapid, so once the order is placed there cannot be any changes. 
Another change will be that we are very limited on the samples we will have. We will be accepting returns for store credit only, so that ladies can choose what they want without fear of not liking it. Swatches will also make it onto the site soon. I know that I will have help with those...

I will get into more detail on the site soon to please keep watch for more posts...

Until later, have a great night, 



  1. It's good to see you back, Ellie. And with those little angels you have, they need to see great things you can do :)

  2. Thanks so much, and you are right, they are little angels and I love them dearly..

    Nice to hear from you,