Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Web Site

A many of you can see I am still busy working on the website. I am so excited about the changes I am making so that shopping will be so much easier. 

You will now see a number of little green buttons. Those buttons are situated so that once inside an area you can click between the pages without going out of the page you are in, or without having to keep clicking to the front page to find what you want. I realize it could be confusing at first, but one you are shopping I hope it will make so much easier. 

I have also put up pages in the shadows where you can shop by color! I have a good friend who really pushed for that saying it was so much easier for comparisons, which does make sense. 

I truly will take any suggestions that are given to me to make it easier to shop in DreamWorld. I have already had a suggestion for descriptions, and some of those are already up and the others will be finished by the time I am up and running again. 

Some of the older colors will also be coming back when I reopen. I have had many ladies ask for the witches of legend collection of blushes, so I have worked on those pics to get them to the same design as I want the site to follow and they will be ready for sale when I reopen. 

As you will probably notice DreamWorld will not carry as many samples. I found that I spent so much time making samples that it was just not cost effective to do them. I realize that one of the perks with Indie companies is the samples and has become the norm.  But by not doing samples I have lowered the prices so that there is a savings for the full size products. There will still be samples in foundations and they will remain the size of a 1/2 tsp. I still believe that you need to wear the foundation for a few days to make sure the color works for you and in order to do this, you need enough foundation. Full size jars are now 12 gm of product which will last quite a while. They will have rotating sifters, as will the blushes, bronzers, and finishing powders. I am still working out the shadows. They will come in a 5 gm jar. I am not sure about the sifter issue, so if you have thoughts, please let me know about them.

I am working on skin care also. I have the Mycenae formula finished and the results from testing it are fantastic! It is an oil based skin care system, except for the cleanser, but is moisturizing with the goal of maintaining a normal skin type.  But now I still have 7 more to go...LOL But that's the fun part. I definitely have ideas on how I want them to go. But more on those later. 

I think I will stop for now and do some more updates at a later time! 


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