Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Magickal Lip Wands

Hi everyone...

This post is on my magickal lip wands. When I created these I wanted something with lots of color, that were thick so they were more like a lip stick and would last once placed on your lips while also being moisturizing.

To that end, I think I have at least accomplished some of what I set out to do. I have had many references back that ladies call these wands lip sticks in a tube. They are thick, they last well, and they color pay off is fantastic and they offer nice moisturizing levels! But in one part they fail...they are not vegan, which is something that I am working to achieve. For now they will remain non-vegan since I have so much base made up and I hate to waste anything, but at the same time I am working a vegan formula that will accomplish what these present wands do.

Now on toward the colors!

As you can see I have quite a few colors now, but I started to also realize that I don't have enough everyday colors, which I will be working on for my grand opening!

Blood Oath is a beautiful burgundy color that will add some umph to your look. You can also tone it down to create a whole new look by using enchanted or even some of the lip chromes, esp. in Cloud 9.

Cinderella's Coach is a pretty yellowish orange and fun to use. It is quite opaque.

Death Warmed Over was an accidental color, but once made I fell in love. It is a deep purplish with slight shimmer and definitely intense in color.

Demon Moon is a deep brownish with golden shimmer to it. It is VERY dark. I didn't realize how dark until my daughter put it on. It is quite opaque and a little will go a LONG way! 

Elven Sky is a burgundy pink color with shimmer. It seems to be quite popular and has a nice color payoff.

Enchanted is one of my favorite colors. This one is quite sheer, but a pretty iridescent pink, so you will find it's perfect alone or mixed with another color that is darker.

 Fairey Smile is a pretty cool pink that goes with just about anything you wear so it truly is that go to color!  This is also one of my popular colors!

Fairey Waltz is unusual, it has sparkly undertones of lavender while being a deep cool purple. I can tell you my 3 year old granddaughter loves the color and it looks fantastic on her!

Lykin's Lair is a pretty medium brown in color that does show some shimmers throughout.

Magic Sings is a pretty purple color that is actually sheer and natural looking.

Mystical Sunset is based off the shadow Mystical Sunrise. It is a bit darker then Magic Sings, is also in the sheer side, but again is a perfect any time lip gloss!

 Pixie-Licious is a bright pink with lavender undertones! Use this and you will get noticed!

Pride is a pretty golden brown. It is quite opaque, but still light enough to be used anytime! When naming this color it made me think of a lion, so of course it had to be a pride of lions!

Sea Fairey is gorgeous! It is not your usual color but a pretty aqua color that you can have fun with! While reminding you of the beautiful deep blue seas...

 Shield is a pretty peachy brown color that can be used in the evening or to work in during the day!

Simi-sis is a name based off a character in a series of books I have been reading for a long time. Simi is actually a demon but loves the color red! So this on is for her and all you other ladies out there who love Simi and the color!

Slimer is the name of the ghost in Ghostbusters who would slime everyone with ectoplasmic goop! LOLOL My 3 year old granddaughter loves this color too and it's an infrequency to see her walking around WITHOUT green lips!

Pixie Gold is a beautiful sheer color, actually clear with a shimmer of gold in it. It's the perfect color to layer on the main lip color you are wearing.

Summer Solstice is a pretty peach orange color that is perfect for the season it was named after!

Tinker's Treasure is the sister to Pixie-Licious. It is a bright pink color with warm undertones.

Zombie Smooch is a sheer bluish aqua color with shimmers throughout.  It is not the choice for everyone and all occasions, but it is a pretty color for when you want to "be yourself".

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us. We are only to happy to help!

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