Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twilight Collection & Darkest Powders Collection

Hi everyone,

Since both of these collections are rather small I have decided to join them into on post.

So first I will start out with the Twilight Collection. My thought when doing this collection was to have them all mesh together and then to have a color that could be used on top with a lot of sparkle to make it fun to wear.

So onward to the colors!

Twilight is the first color of the set! It is a nice soft silver with a satin finish. It is the lightest color besides New Moon, which I will show next! 


New Moon is a soft white color that is quite sheer and has quite a large amount of sparkle, but it was made that way. You can use it as a highlighter or use it over the color colors to add definition and sparkle to your look. 

 Eclipse is the darkest of the set and you find that Eclipse and Breaking Dawn have beautiful undertones of reddish when they are used. So if you are looking for something unusual, check both of these colors out!

Breaking Dawn also has the reddish undertones, but since it is lighter then New Moon, the reddish undertones are softer. I have been told by customers that this is a go to grouping of shadows for them, plus it makes a great smokey eye look!

Now onto the Darkest Powers Collection. This grouping of shadows was based off a trilogy that I read. You will find a lot of the stories I read are young adult. I love the themes of many of them, and while there is romance it is young and innocent, which I find that I really enjoy also. I love themes and sometimes with the adult books, sex and other things can get in the way, which is why I do gravitate toward young adult...not to say I don't like some of the adult books too...such as the Sookie collection...

The Summoning is the second book in the collection and the lightest of the pinks. It is pretty and makes a great highlighter or you can use it on the lid, which makes it such a versatile color.

The Awakening is the first book of the collection and while not the darkest is the brightest of the collection. It is a fun color to use and will just add a burst of color to you eyes!

The Reckoning, which is the final book of the Trilogy is the darkest of colors and is a perfect color to use for definition in your look. Being a darker burgundy color, you can also use it on the lower part of the eye for a pretty smokey look while wearing pinks!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...

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