Thursday, July 22, 2010

DreamWorld Liquidation Sale Info

DreamWorld Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Okay, I figured it is time to finally send out the info that everyone is waiting for....

The sale will start August 1st and will last for the month. On September 1st it will finish and anything not sold will be donated to the local women's shelter.
We are still busy setting up the foundations, which while doing this, made me realize that I have too many...but how do I actually cut any of them? Every time I find a color that I need to discontinue someone emails me or I go through information and find out someone uses it.

But by my grand opening, I will have it all worked out since I do have some ideas...

Okay now for the information on the sale:

if you are interested in any of the makeup the email to send your order is:
If you have any questions, please email :
My daughter, Caitlyn, who is also finishing up esthetics will be more then happy to answer any question.

Orders will be filled in the order they are received. If we are out of something, I will not be making it, and will email you that we don't have it and ask if there is something else you may want to have instead. So, alternate ideas will also be nice.
I have limited quantities of the cremes. The same holds true for whipped cream and whipped strawberries. They will have the same cost as the cremes.

I apologize now if I run out of something.....but since this is a liquidation sale, and I will be working on the new product line, I do not have time to mix up new products.

All shipping will be First class domestic and international, unless otherwise stated. If you want priority, please let me know in the email, also we will need your address and if you are international I also need phone number since it is a requirement of the custom sheet.

Okay, for pricing.

Samples: I am selling all foundation samples for $0.50 each, no matter the formula. They are limited and once gone, they are gone. If I find that I am selling a lot samples for ladies to find their color then I will extend the sale.
Full size:
20 gm $15.00
they will come in a bag, not a jar.
all are at least 20 gm unless otherwise stated.
If we are down to the ones that have less then 20gm they will be less then the $15.00
Some are more then 20 to save on wastage.
If you would like a empty jar to put the foundation in, please let us know and we will be more then happy to include. I will charge $1.00 for it.
All foundations are the same price at present.
If you have any questions, please just ask.

Shadows:( 5 gm jars/flip top jars)
All shadows that I have in stock: .
1-5/ $400 each
6-10/$3.80 each
11-15/$3.60 each
16-20/$3.40 each
21-24/$3.20 each
25 or greater/$3.00 each.

Blushes and 10 gm Shadows
Blushes and 10 gm Shadows(mattes)
$8.00 each OR
6-10/$7.60 each
11-15/$7.20 each
16-20/$6.80 each
21-24/$6.40 each
25 or greater/$6.00 each

Cremes, Primers, Illuminating Glows, Gloworm powders, and Illuminating powders
30 gm Cremes: $12 each
10 gm Cremes: $7.00 each

30 gm Mummy Dust: $12.00 each

10 gm Illuminating glows: $8.00 each
30 gm Illuminating glows: $14.00 each

10 gm jar illuminating powders: $9.00 each
30 gm jar illuminating powders: $15.00 each

10 gm gloworm powders: $8.00 each

I will not bill you until the order is finished, then will invoice through pay pal. I cannot promise what I will have in stock when I get to your order, do please understand I will do my best to fill it with what you want.

And please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

You can send your orders to the email address at any time and if for some reason we get done sooner then planned, then we will start to fill orders.

And as always , thanks for buying from DreamWorld Minerals

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