Saturday, March 16, 2013

DreamWorld Name Change

Hi everyone,

I wanted to explain a few things that are happening with DreamWorld. First, DreamWorld will have a slight name change.

For a while now I have been thinking of what I could change DreamWorld's name to that would encompass all that I will be doing in the future. I mean, I wanted to be able to incorporate the skin care and cosmetics, mineral and other more traditional, into the name. I came up with a solid stone wall when I was trying to figure it out for a long time. I mean, I didn't want cosmetics, too boring, cosmetica made others think that cosmetics was misspelled. I didn't want alchemy, or apothecary, I already had minerals, and that was blah to me too. I wanted something that was me! That portrayed all that I believe, all that love, and had a ring to it!

So one day someone said "hermetics" to me and that got me to thinking. So I spent days researching all that it entailed and fell in love with Hermetica! But then the adversity that happens with many thing started. I had some who loved it, some who hated it, and some who didn't understand it and so didn't think it practical. The problem was I wasn't trying to be practical. As for the ones who hated it that made me feel horrible, but at the same time it was something important to me. So I spent more time researching and it had the right feel. Then one day someone mentioned about the Gnostic Texts and Hermetica. I was floored. I knew they were there but that wasn't where I was going with the name. I didn't want someone to think my site was hooked into any religion.

For me DreamWorld was always fantasty, mythology, and ancient history mixed into anything weird I could find. It was meant to be fun, have some education and interest in there and voila the perfect makeup and theme. For someone to think that DreamWorld was affiliated with any religion upset me terribly. So I ditched that idea. I went back to the idea of cosmetics, cosmetica, and other odds and ends. But nothing felt right. So in the end, I figured I would stick with minerals and just leave it alone. I had to have what was right for me. And sadly Hermetica had been that. When I thought of metica, I thought medical, skin care. When I thought of her, it was for women and it all fit into place for me. Also knowing it was a fictional ancient text, well that was great too. I was into fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, mythology, and all the weird things that I can read!

Days have weeks have gone by and I have been totally fixated with getting a new header that was perfect, creating a monogram that I can use on labels, and still fixated on the future name that I wanted. But with my decision made, I played around with header after header to get the one that would pop out at the customer to show some of the gorgeous shadows DreamWorld has and will have.

And then, just the other morning I would up with DreamWorld Hermetica on my mind. It was being whispered to me and I knew that I had to find out more and see if I could revive it.

And so to the internet I went to find all I could about Hermetica. And what I found was so very interesting.

First off there are 2 texts and the original texts are the ones that I was most interested in. They are called the Demotic Texts. They were created in ancient Egypt in 2nd and 3rd Century tell the story of a teacher who is teaching his student on their religion, which is our mythology today. I loved the idea of learning, of knowledge, and the mythology that was behind it. The Greek Texts are the basis of the Hermetic knowledge for the Gnostic faith today. I realize that the Egyptian texts did have an influence on the Greek texts, but that is NOT what I am interested or condoning in choosing this name for DreamWorld.

I have envisioned DreamWorld as more then a makeup company. I want it to be a place of learning, seeing information that will get someone interested enough to want to learn more. Knowledge is power and if you can learn, while enjoying makeup, skin care then so much can be accomplished. We live in a fast paced world today and there are times when it is fun to sit back and enjoy learning about times past. Or learning about the world around us, or about the imaginations of people around us who think of stories and movies that take us away from the everyday hustle and bustle we live in.  For me it is enjoyable to spend time learning about far away places and times, mythologies far and wide, and fantasy from all over the world. As it encouraged the ancients, it also encourages us to see far beyond our everyday lives.

But I also realize that time is precious and there are times when you just want to come look, buy, and run, because something is happening, such as you are rushing to work. So the website is set up for this fast quick shopping. But on each page you will start seeing links to information on what that world/collection is about. So if you have time one day, spend time browsing the information and enjoy it! It's there to be enjoyed. Because I have certainly enjoyed putting it up for you read....

I always wanted to be a history teacher, but jobs were so scarce when I was in college that I couldn't do this. So I became a nurse instead. I don't regret the decisions I made because I have a beautiful family who needed cared for and as a nurse I could do that. As a teacher not so much. But my love of history and mythology is still there and has now created for me the best job in the world. So I hope that when you have time, you will come view DreamWorld's creations, while enjoying all the information that will be available about the background for those creations!


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