Friday, March 15, 2013

DreamWorld Update and Changes

Hello everyone.

Long time now see...LOL So much is happening and I want to let everyone know what's going on with DreamWorld. First of all I have a date for opening. It is June 16th. It's my daughter's birthday, so thought it would be a perfect day for my grand opening. Although, it is subject to change if something happens, but I do NOT foresee that. Okay, now for the other info.

When DreamWorld opens, you will see a new site. Each foundation color family will have it's own page, with new easy links to get there. There will also be all new pictures of the foundations...along with new formulas. Luna will remain the same. It is the most popular of all the formulas. The only difference is the added number of colors, and the darkness. I am in the process of creating a chart to help ladies who have a color they already wear. So it will be one that says, if you wear this...then you will now wear this... I am hoping that will help a lot in color choices. I am also hoping to have my liquid foundations up by that time. I have finally completed the initial stage of creating them, and will be sending out samples to some ladies to test for me. I can tell you that I love how they work. The foundation is more like a whipped cream foundation. And a dab is all you need for you whole face. It dries quickly soaking into the skin. It is created with oils only, but each oil was used for the properties it is famous for. The only other ingredients in this besides the oils are the iron oxides, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide for color. They do look dark, but once on the colors are nice. But as I said, still in the testing stage, so I will let you know more as they are tested out.

Each of the new foundation colors will now have 8 levels of color from very light to very dark, except for soft yellow. This will continue with only 5 levels as before.

Now for the I said before Luna is the same. Cloud and Vapor are slight different though. In order to create better coverage for both of those, I have added a small amount of kaolin clay. Besides helping with coverage this also helps to soak up excess oils. Cloud remains mica free and vapor remains titanium dioxide free.

Another change you will see is the size of the samples. DreamWorld foundation, and other face samples will now, be only 1/8 tsp each. But with that comes the decrease in cost so they are only $0.50. I felt that many times, ladies spend all this money on trying to find the foundation color that works for them, but..they end up wasting most of the money, if they color isn't right. I am hoping that this idea will stop this.

You will also notice that many of the shadow worlds are gone, along with blush. And there are nothing but new colors. That's because I want to take one world at a time from the old world and reformulate the colors, plus create new ones. So as I get those done, they will go back up. You will also notice that DW no longer sells samples in shadows and blushes. After a lot of thought, and realizing that samples take so much time for me to do, I decided to get rid of them. You will have a choice of a halfling, which will be 1/4 tsp or 0.4 gm of product for $3.50 or the full size, which is around 1 gm to 1.2 gm jar for $7.00 for shadows, and the same halfling size for blushes and the full size will be 3 gm for $11.50. I have tried to lower the prices some also knowing that I wasn't putting so much time into samples. Also, if the color is just totally wrong for you, you will have the option to return if for store credit ONLY.

I have also developed a new eye shadow primer and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Once in place your shadows will be more vibrant, and last for a VERY long time. I'm still amazed myself at how great it is. This also is in the testing stages, but so far the results are great. And like the foundations, the eye primer is very concentrated, you only need a dab of it, so a container of this will last you a LONG time.

There will remain no samples for lip products. But there are a large variety of lip products that will be coming available at the time of opening and afterwards. I have also reformulated my lip wands and the initial responses have been great. The colors have been lasting quite long and the formula is very thick and moisturizing.

Now for the skin care. This is something I am really excited. I have started creating my own skin care lines. It is going to be hard at times for to keep something in a certain line, so I am still struggling with how to put these on my website. But I have time and when I open I will have it all figured out.

At this point I have created a cleanser, mask, moisturizer for normal skin. I also have a toner in mind, so will get that made up. Each Skin care line has a specific name, so you will see something like "Mycenae whipped cleanser", which is my normal cleanser. At first it may be confusing, but I will make sure the listing is there for all to look at.

Right now the listing is:
Normal Skin Care system- Mycenae
Oily Skin Care system- Didymos
Combo Skin Care system- Oasis
Dry Skin Care system- Hadarac
Mature Skin Care system- Anwnn
Oxygen Skin Care system- Kishkindha
Marine Skin Care system- Lagoon
Acne Skin Care system- Kantju
Sensitive Skin Care system- Babylon
Anti-Aging Skin Care system-Aaru
Dehydrated Skin Cary system- Duat

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